1 on 1 personal development coaching

Empowering Others

Are you ready to raise your frequency and manifest a fabulous life full of love, beautiful friendships, a soul partner, health, vitality, financial abundance, peace, clarity, joy and more?

I will help you by getting to the root of the problem so that you can overcome obstacles. You will experience transformation through powerful healing techniques and exercises including inner child, body mind connection, shadow work, forgiveness, mirror work, anger, guilt and shame releasing, meditation and so much more.

I will help you get to the truth of who you are and what you want. It is always such an honour for me see to the huge shifts that take place. Experience incredible self-awakening and self-awareness!

Inner peace

Inner peace is essential for our health and well-being. When you are centred in inner peace you will have peace in your outer world. I will guide you in a beautiful peace and forgiveness meditation, and give you the keys and tools on how to bring inner peace back into your life. The change begins with us as individuals. Let us fill the world with light by spreading peaceful, loving energy.


1 hour session $125

Special pricing:

Book 3 sessions, 125.00 x 3 = 375.00-50.00 discount=325
Book 5 sessions, 125.00 x 5 = 625-100 discount=525
Book10 sessions, 125.00 x 10 = 1250-250 discount =1000

Please add 13 percent tax to all purchases

“Heidi is compassionate and intuitive.  She has the ability to quickly identify your areas you need to be working on.  Her affirmations are exceptional!”

– Rae Nell Krusen

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