Love from Clients

Thank you to all my past, current, and future clients!

“It exceeded all of my expectations. Not only did I clear so many limiting beliefs, but I’m so excited to go out into the world and spread Louise’s legacy…”

– Deborah Miller

“There have been so many life changing moments this past week. I connected with 18 beautiful women in a powerful way, and that’s not always been easy for me…”

– Kary Odiatu

“It has been my absolute pleasure as a t.v. host, life coach and motivational speaker to have worked with Heidi in numerous capacities! Her brilliant mind, kind soul and incredible intuition have not only helped so many change their lives seeing rapid results but has also inspired many to achieve beyond their greatest desires. I have personally hired Heidi to support an annual women’s retreats (of which I have participated) and witnessed her connection through love allowing for the immediate release of antiquated thoughts and thinking of many (if not all) of the workshop participants. I feel like I am one of many Presidents of the Heidi Martin Fan Club!”

– Laurel Crossley, B. A., Professional Speaker and Educator, Life Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Expert

“I attended Heidi’s workshop on Prosperity. Heidi is a wonderful presenter. She did a great guided visualization. I felt very open to and deserving of Prosperity by the end of the workshop. I will definitely attend Heidi’s next workshop.

– Debbie

“Thank you so much for all your wisdom, kindness and love. Yesterday was so profound and sacred. I will cherish all the moments and try to implement all the practices you taught. Today I feel like I have been through a lot but totally cleansed…a clean slate. You are such a good leader, I learned a lot! I am GRATEFUL!”

– Pat M

“If you’re looking for a personal transformation and to be able to make a difference for yourself, your community, and even the planet earth… this is the training for you.”

– Suzy Almushcab

“I feel ready to teach. And that’s what this was about. I was a learner at first, but because of you, I feel ready to rock and roll and teach!”

– Charisse

“Last night was amazing! I am so filled with POSITIVE energy! To be in a room with such remarkable woman was truly an honour! I am so grateful for you and for all that you bring into my life! You have opened my eyes to all the possibilities within, great things are on the way!”

– Jane

“Thank you Heidi – for an amazing journey of self-discovery, awareness and beautiful resolution. The Louise Hay work shop exceeded my expectations. I have always been a fan of her work and you provided a safe comfortable environment to work on issues I thought I was finished with. Your professional, strong and loving personality gave me the support I needed to reach the next step in self-healing and inner growth. I would recommend your workshops to anyone and already have. Thank you with deep gratitude and respect.

– Cynthia Moreno

“Thank you Heidi for a warm and healing retreat! Your gentle and caring teaching helped me to grow spiritually and really get in touch with my feelings. Not letting fear guide our decisions is easier said then done but with your guidance and practices I am living a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Your “Heal Your Life” weekend helped all of us to find the connection and truth that was pertinent to each of us as individuals on our own path of personal transformation. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who would like to plant seeds for spiritual growth or for those who have loss sight of their vision and need to reconnect with their spirituality again.”

– Elisa

“Heidi’s grace, charm, warmth, and love exudes… If you’re thinking about coming here, picture yourself going…”

– Karen

“I feel so much stronger to be out in the world, and share myself, and just know that I am enough exactly the way I am.”

– Lisa

“Working alongside Heidi Martin was an inspirational experience. I have enjoyed her presence in my classes as well as experienced Angelic love through her during a Reiki session I was fortunate to have received. I am confident that any treatment that Heidi gives will embody her compassionate and wise spirit.”

– Debra

“‘Cherish Your Soul’ is exactly how Heidi lives her life and that message is conveyed in every encounter with her. She is beautiful, intelligent, well read and kind but it is her spirituality that is her greatest gift. Her light radiates and she is so willing so share it with you. Dream interpretation, meditation, recommending journalling or a book to read, she always offers the prefect guidance. I am very blessed that Heidi’s path has crossed mine and I believe, without a doubt, that my life is truly better because she is a part of it.”

– Robin

“I was truly blessed to have a healing session with Heidi shortly after losing my father. The power I felt during the energy session was so incredibly powerful yet calming. I really feel this was a landmark in my grieving process and know that just being around Heidi helps heal my soul and gives me inner strength and peace. I believe that Heidi is set apart with such a compelling and special gift that can really enhance lives.”

– Nina Henry

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