Invest in your life and always know YOU are worth it

As a life coach, my passion in life is to empower people to love themselves and awaken to their true authentic spirit.

Who will benefit

I work with those who would like to create positive changes in their lives.

If you are ready to start the healing process, work gently with your shadow and nurture your inner child then I can help you create beautiful shifts in all areas of your life. I love helping others build confidence, form better relationships, find a career that you love and help assist you in staying accountable to your goals.

I help others follow their own truth, intuition and discover the answers within themselves.

Why You’ll See Changes

Anyone who is ready for healing, peace and compassion towards themselves and others help create a ripple effect in the world.

Through inner child healing, self compassion and discovering your blueprints we can start to gently heal all the many parts of ourselves. Beautiful transformation and healing takes place once we begin to understand, experience and love our emotions.

The more empathy we can show towards ourselves, the more we can process and heal our past.

“Working with Heidi was a true blessing during a time of complete change and transformation for me; she is a one-of-a-kind coach, a self-love expert, and an incredibly passionate soul.”

– Caroline Watters Marketing Professional, Life Coach & Energy Therapist

Live in the now with personal development coaching

Everyone is born with a special gift and purpose, and I love helping others reclaim their own inner power. Living in the now, becoming aware and full of gratitude are some of the keys to success.

“I was truly blessed to have a healing session with Heidi shortly after losing my father. The power I felt during the energy session was so incredibly powerful yet calming. I really feel this was a landmark in my grieving process…”

– Nina Henry

Feel the healing energy of Reiki

Life force energy flows into and through all of us. Reiki opens up the energy flow which sets the healing process (that each one of us has within ourselves) in motion.

These are just a few of the many workshops available

Inner Child Healing

Connect with your inner child—the vulnerable, authentic part of yourself that may carry unresolved wounds from the past. Healing these wounds creates a solid foundation for manifesting desires from a place of self-love and wholeness.

Energy Medicine

Get acquainted with the energy of your body and learn how much of our “dis-ease” is rooted first in an energy imbalance and can be healed or greatly alleviated with energy therapy.

The Complete Chakra Experience

This 3 day intensive  workshop will take place in Niagara-on-the-lake at White Oaks Resort and Spa 

Have a Question for Me?

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I’d love to help you through your journey!

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Want to unlock the secret to self-confidence?

Do you know Yourself and what you want? Do you feel you are living an authentic life or do you feel that you wear many masks and have lost your truth? Self-confidence happens when we become more conscious and authentic.